Acorn Artisan Pies

Small pies, big smile

As a child, I watched Nana, my English-born great-grandmother, craft sausage rolls and mince pies for our family’s holiday festivities. She lived in Hollywood on Fairfax Blvd., and one of my fondest childhood memories is traversing those streets with her on foot or by bus searching for ingredients.

Back at her tiny apartment, on a postage-stamp size table, she would roll out pie dough, encase the sausage in it, and create a savory treat. Nana also made individual mince pies. In my eyes, these round-domed pies were magical, probably because of the sugar Nana generously sprinkled on the pies as soon as they came out of the oven.

My love of mince pies has grown over the years. Memories of my Nana compelled me to carry on her tradition. Today our family holidays and special occasions always include batches of sausage rolls and mince pies, feeding Nana’s great-great-great grandchildren.

I have continued to experiment with making pies in a variety of flavors—from fruit-based, custard, and cream pies to savory-filled ones—in a variety of shapes and sizes. (For me, the crust is the crucial element in the pie and rustic tarts have become my preferred choice because of the ratio of crust to filling.) Acorn Artisan Pies now provides these pies to you.

— Redlands, CA